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  • Reduced Emissions:  Studies show that compared with a comparable gasoline mower, propane reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 17 %, sulfur oxide by 16% and nitrogen oxide by 19%.  Because of this a propane powered mower can operate in most areas during Ozone Action Days or Air Quality Nonattainment Days. This can allow a company to continue with “business as usual”.

  • Lawn Mower Incentive Program Lawn Mower Incentive Program


    (Click on the link above for the application and rules to the program or contact your local propane company or MN Propane Association for more information)

    • $1500 purchase of new, factory direct OEM mowers which are propane powered (dedicated propane dual fuel).
    • $750 conversions of existing gasoline powered mowers to propane (dedicated propane or dual fuel).