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  • If you want to continue to be able to use propane (furnace, water heater, cooking, clothes dryer, fireplace, garage heater, pool heater, fire pits, patio heater, autogas, forklifts, generators, lawn mowers,irrigation) in and around your home and business, CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE NOW and let them know.

  • Here is the link to “WHO REPRESENTS ME?”

    • Propane is a clean energy solution already in use — and will continue to be even as other energy sources stake their claim.
    • Propane is a low-carbon energy source that can produce significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel, gasoline, and electricity in a wide range of applications.
    • Propane is part of a larger solution that will require many clean energies working in unison to make a dramatic impact in the future.
    • Propane is an energy technology that is ready to help REDUCE EMISSIONS RIGHT NOW.  
    • Propane a domestic energy, with more than 90 percent of U.S. propane supplies produced here in the United States.


    The propane industry is passionate about being a leader in clean energy across the U.S. But propane providers are even more proud to work in the community where they live and raise their families alongside the customers they serve.