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  • Appliance Incentive Program

  • The program will authorize the following incentives and runs until available funds are depleted:

    An incentive for authorized propane appliance installations which occur in new construction or initial installation or change of energy or in the case of water heaters to replace an existing propane water heater with a new propane water heater. Incentive rates are as follows:

    • APPLIANCES (Purchased and Installed within 90 days of postmarked date of application)
      • $500 Propane Water Heater New Construction or Change of Energy Source
      • $200 Propane Water Heater to New Propane Water Heater
      • $200 Furnace/Boiler New Construction Only
      • $100 Propane Garage Heater in New Construction or Initial Install

    EXCEPTION: Any structure or system that incorporates an alternative source of energy or vent free products are not eligible. Alternative source of energy is defined as a source of energy, other than propane, that heats a structure or water. Appliance installations performed on motor vehicles, travel trailers, mobile homes or manufactured homes that are not in permanent residential or commercial use in the state of Minnesota are not eligible for this program. The installation must take place on real property owned by the applicant and located in this state and occur within the effective dates of this program.
    All forms must be filled out completely. Incomplete forms with missing data or incorrect information may void the application or cause delays in processing.
    All incentives are to be paid directly to end user/propane customer/builder/contractor. Incentives are limited to one water heater, one furnace, and one garage heater per address. Random inspections may be performed to verify compliance. Therefore, the user/customer must provide a daytime phone number and email address to be contacted by the MPA. User/customer must agree to site visit/inspection if requested.

    New construction applications must include the following:
    • Paid receipt dated within 90 days from Installation and purchase
    • If the paid receipt is beyond 90 days, one of the following items dated within the 90 days will be accepted along with the dated receipt:
         • Certificate of Occupancy
         • Closing Statement

    The Contractor Appliance Incentive:
    Under this provision, an HVAC or Plumbing contractor can receive $200 for the following:
         • Sale and Installation of a Propane Furnace/Boiler in NEW CONSTRUCTION
         • Sale and Installation of a Propane Water Heater in NEW CONSTRUCTION or CHANGE OF ENERGY SUPPLY

    Eligible furnace or boilers are defined as: a propane fueled furnace/boiler that is the primary heating source for the residence, is rated at least 40,000 btu input rating and in compliance with the Energy Policy and Conservation Act; approved and listed by the American Gas Association’s GAMA Consumer Directory of Certified Efficiency Ratings for Residential Heating and Water Heating Equipment.
    Eligible water heaters are defined as: a propane-fueled water heater, either a storage-type rated at not less than 30 gallons’ water capacity or an instantaneous-type rated at not less than 50,000 Btu/hour input; in compliance with the Energy Policy and Conservation Act; approved and listed by the American Gas Asso-ciation’s GAMA Consumer Directory of Certified Efficiency Ratings for Residential Heating and Water Heating Equipment. Storage units that are installed in conjunction with boilers designed to heat the domes-tic water supply are eligible. Single units designed to provide both space heating and water heating can be used for 1 incentive.
    Eligible Garage Heater: A propane-fueled vented heater designed for installation in a garage, either forced air, hydronic or radiant of at least 30,000 btu input. Water heaters, furnaces or boilers used as a heat source for in-floor or other heating mechanism in a garage or shop, is considered a garage heater. Limits: No more than (1) appliance incentive for each type of appliance shall be paid for each eligible installation. MPA may limit the total number of incentives that may be paid to an applicant. All appliances must be vented to be eligible for an incentive.

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