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    Propane Forklift – How much could you be saving?

    Propane forklifts don’t just keep emissions low – they also keep your total infrastructure costs lower than electric. 


    Propane Forklifts Don't Lose Power Like Electric Models, And Only Require A Quick And Easy Cylinder Change To Get Back To Work. Electric Models Take Hours To Recharge.


    Propane-Powered Forklifts Can Be Used Safely Indoors Or Outdoors, Because They Operate So Cleanly. Take Upstream Emissions Into Account — From The Generation Of Electricity — And Propane Forklifts Beat Electric Models As Well.


    With More Than 70 Percent Of Propane Production Coming From Domestic Natural Gas, The U.S. Produces Enough Of Its Own Propane To Exceed Customer Demand.

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