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  • Autogas

  • Engine Fuel Incentive Program

    Incentives as follows:

    • $4,000 for the conversion of gasoline vehicles to propane
    • $2500 for the purchase of a new propane school bus
    • $1,000 to help industry members apply for alternative fuel grants for propane
    • $20,000 to help install self-service public refueling sites
    • $10,000 to upgrade existing refueling site to self-service public refueling
    • $1,500 to purchase a new, factory direct OEM propane mower (dedicated propane or dual fuel)
    • $750 to purchase a propane conversion for existing gasoline powered mower (dedicated propane or dual fuel)
    • $300 per liter for 2016 or newer irrigation engines (purchase new or conversion of gasoline engine)

    These are a few simple rules to the program.
    A full set of rules is attached below with the application(s) or if you have questions please feel free to contact the MPA by phone: (763)633-4271 or email: admin@mnpropane.org

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