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  • A Propane Gas Furnace Keeps Your Home Warm During the Coldest Minnesota Winters

  • Propane gas furnaces heat your home for about half the cost of electricity, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Propane gas furnaces also produce much higher indoor air temperatures than their electric counterparts, keeping your home warm and comfortable during even the most frigid Minnesota winters.

    Minnesotans can choose from several types of propane gas furnaces, including central furnaces, wall furnaces and combo-heaters.

    Propane furnaces, even ultra-high-efficiency models, fit into tight spaces, even a closet! Many models can be installed and vented in a variety of ways. Most of today’s propane gas furnaces feature electronic ignitions. This activates the burners only when fuel is needed, keeping your gas furnace cost down. Electronic ignition also enhances safety because it eliminates the need for standing pilot lights.

    Another way your gas furnace cost remain manageable is through vent dampers. These devices, which are located in the flue, close when the heat demand has been met. This traps residual heat for further circulation in the home. When more heat is needed, the damper opens before the burners are ignited to allow combustion fumes to escape. Burners can ignite only when the damper is open, so energy is consumed only when heating is needed.

    To learn more about propane furnaces and the many other ways you can enjoy propane, please
    contact your propane company and they’ll be glad to help.


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  • If you're building a new home or replacing that old-tired furnace - check out the furnace/boiler incentive info above. 

    Putting in a boiler - "double-dip" so to speak with a Rinnai rebate on top of the incentive offered through your propane company.