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  • MPA Board

  • MPA Board
    Dave Wager
    Executive Director Minnesota Propane Association, MPA Executive Director
    Marla Verlinde
    President Arrow Tank & Engineering Co, Propane Division Sales and Marketing
    Anthony Buck
    1st Vice President Lakes Gas Co - Wyoming, VP Procurement
    Jeff Head
    2nd Vice President LPG & NH3 Supply Inc, Sales & Marketing Manager
    Trevor Beaudry
    Immediate Past President Beaudry Oil & Propane Co
    Maren Juntti
    Treasurer Lakes Gas - #42 Minneapolis, Manager
    Patrick Bleth
    Secretary Northern Star Cooperative Services, Operations Manager
    Brad Box
    State Director to NPGA Northern Star Cooperative Services, CEO - General Manager
    Steph Hennen
    District 3 Director to NPGA Lakes Gas Co - Wyoming
    Jim Jung
    Central Farm Service - Northfield
    Doug Lund
    Crystal Valley Coop, Vice President Energy
    Howard Reinhard
    Centra Sota Cooperative, Energy General Manager
    Austin Sinclair
    Interstate Fuel & Energy
    Travis Smith
    MNPEPSC President Central Farm Service - Mankato
    Merrill Binnall
    Industry Relations Representative Minnesota Propane Association, Industry Relations Representative
    Kris Halverson
    Administrative Director Minnesota Propane Association, Administrative Director
    Jenny Austin
    Administrative Specialist Minnesota Propane Association, Administrative Specialist