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    More Power to YOU: Benefits of a Propane Gas Generator

    Standby home generators come in many different sizes and can be fueled in different ways.

    If you already have a gasoline-powered or diesel powered generator, you may want to consider the benefits of converting it to propane. Or if you're ready to purchase a new generator, think about propane first. Here's why:

    • Availability. Unlike gasoline or diesel, propane can be delivered easily and stored safely on your property. During extended power outages, gasoline and diesel may be hard to get. 
    • Longevity. Propane can be stored for an unlimited amount of time. Gasoline and diesel often needs to be discarded because it degrades after being in storage awhile. 
    • Reliability. Propane as an engine fuel is very stable and always ready to serve your needs. A propane generator will start more easily in very cold weather because propane won't thicken and get the way fuel oil does. 
    • Environment. Propane produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel and gasoline. 

    To learn more about propane generators and the many other ways you can enjoy propane, please contact your propane company and they'll be glad to help. 

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