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  • Cooking with PROPANE: A Recipe for SUCCESS

    Did you know that over 95% of professional chefs prefer cooking with a gas range rather than an electric one.*

    Here's why:

    • Gas ranges provide a much higher degree of control because of precise temperatures and even heat distribution.
    • FAST and precise heating
    • Propane ovens and ranges cost significantly LESS to operate than their electric counterparts.
    • A gas range will cook your food even during a power outage.
    • Propane gas burners cool quickly while electric burners take longer to cool, increasing the risk of accidental burns.

    *Source: American Gas Association

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  • Propane is versatile and clean performing and even has an edge over electric when it comes to productivity and reducing emissions. 
    Not to mention, propane forklifts are easily maintained and quick to refuel and do not require recharging downtime, like electric.

    • Propane has 76% less sulfur oxide vs electric*
    • Propane has 97% less nitrogen oxide vs diesel*
    • Propane has 97% less hydrocarbon vs diesel*

    *fuel efficiency based on 2013 AFLEET model

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